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Last week was kind of a big one for genre fans, since the long-awaited/apparently-mildly-dreaded peak at The Green Hornet finally popped up, the adaptation of Warren Ellis’s absolutely awesome Red released a teaser, and DC’s animated movies got Adult Serious with Batman: Under the Red Hood (which, yes, does sound like a Swedish softcore film somehow).

Now, people tend to judge movies by their trailers, but I tend to be more specific. Because I like to be optimistic about a movie I might perhaps enjoy, I tend to focus on a specific line of dialogue and hope that characterizes the movie on the whole.

Let’s take them one by one:  (more…)

Busy day, busy busy busy, gotta write some stuff, gotta edit some things, gotta haggle with Marriott and get them to stop charging me for a day they mistakenly booked me for, gotta find a way to explain THAT is why I overdrew my account to the nice Wachovia people…and yet. Not in a bad mood.

For one thing, my girlfriend’s making some kind of prosciutto/asparagus thingie for lunch.

For another, a documentary/extended interview with Warren Ellis, titled ‘Captured Ghosts,’ is on the way.

Here’s a preview:

Two things I read in the comic shop.  One is Electropolis, by Dean Motter.  The other is the first issue of Warren Ellis’s Supergod.  Let’s do…ah, Electropolis first.


Warren Ellis, as you may know, recently released a book of his essays (I guess?) on Lulu.  He and a friend of his knocked the thing together basically for no money, and now it’s for sale and people buy it.  I haven’t bought it, because I’m not really that excited by Ellis’ criticism, but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s here is this:  to any sensible person, this is a plan that obviously has no direct benefit to a person unless they are Warren Ellis.  And, for some reason, any time anyone mentions that, Warren et al talk to us like we’re a bunch of lazy crybabies.