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My recent purchase of a Nook Tablet (and waiting for the xda developer people to hack the stupid thing so ImageI can access the entire Android Market) has gotten me more excited than ever at the prospect of digital comics.

And my enthusiasm got jacked up a little more with the Marvel’s announcement at South By Southwest (oh yeah, apparently Marvel Comics makes announcements at SXSW now) that they were kicking off a new digital comics initiative, starting with a weekly series by TQP favorites Mark Waid and Stuart (Nextwave) Immonen.

Waid’s been particularly vocal about revamping the idea of “webcomics,” in particular breaking away from the rigid page-and-panels format of a print comic that’s ultimately not necessary (and in many cases, detrimental) to reading comics on a tablet.

But if we’re really being honest here, I’m actually a little more excited for another recent announcement: Smallville Season 11.

Yes, you heard me. (more…)

Hand of Danger epilogue page 2 previewAnd…scene.



Hand of Danger epilogue page 1 previewPart One of our exciting and hilarious two-part epilogue.  Seriously, even if you haven’t been reading the rest of the comic, you totally need to read the epilogue.  It’s great.  Seriously, seriously great.



Hand of Danger page 18 previewYou know who never gets sick?  Tommy Cait, Hand of Danger.  He doesn’t get colds, or the flu, or fucking SWINE FLU.  He doesn’t sit around leaking mucuous into his throat, with a fever and aches…

Oh, god, I’m going to die.  I should have gotten that stupid vaccine.  Fucking swine flu.  FUCK YOOOOOOOU!



Hand of Danger page 14 previewWho doesn’t love a little danger?  I know I do!



Hand of Danger - Promo ShotSo what is the secret origin of “Tommy Cait, Hand of Danger”?

Well, I can’t tell you as far as the character – it is, after all, a secret origin (by which I mean, we haven’t written it yet) – but I can tell you how Chris and I developed what is sure to be the “it” webcomic of the late summer ’09 season. (Take THAT,! Though seriously, y’all should go read “Dr. McNinja.”)

As usual, it started over email: “Did I ever tell you about my ‘Iron Fist’ proposal?” Chris asked me. “I feel compelled to show that it is possible – even desirable – to make an Iron Fist movie without Ray Park.”

“Do go on,” I replied (well, kinda; that part is not an exact transcript.)