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Wonderful sci-fi site io9 is wondering if NBC has given up on science fiction shows, implying that Dollhouse 1science fiction is dead on network television. I would argue that’s hardly the case. With that in mind, let’s check out the two best science fiction series newly available via DVD, “Dollhouse” and “Torchwood”.

First up, “Dollhouse“:
Watching week after week of re-explained premise and variations on the same basic plot, it became increasingly difficult to defend “Dollhouse” without sounding a bit like a deluded Whedon apologist – even going so far as to rationalize, “Well, really, it’s his second seasons that are good,” as though that’s an incentive to sit through an uneven series that isn’t likely to get a second season.



dollhouse-21Assorted thoughts on “Dollhouse,” the new Joss Whedon series that premiered Friday night on Fox.

First, keep in mind, pilots are such a bitch. Save for the most miserable of premieres, most pilots only offer an inkling of what’s to come, for better or worse. Add to that a known entity like Joss Whedon, and a completely redone pilot (meaning somewhere there is a version that’s exactly what Whedon wanted to do floating around), and it’s really hard to tell what could be and should be versus what is.