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rex-dexter-1Another entry into the Whitechapel “Remake/Remodel” thread. This week: “Rex Dexter of Mars!”

Well…not exactly “of” Mars. From there, yes,but…


the-shadowAnother Remake/Redesign on Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel forum. This one was…a bit tricky.

Not least of which because it was a bit of a knockoff of an earlier challenge: The Shadow…but, like, a woman.


Another entry into the Whitechapel “Remake/Remodel” thread on Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel board.

This week’s entry: Captain Justice!




One of the best features of Warren Ellis’s old Engine forum was the occasional call for redesigns of old/disused/public domain characters. Ellis has resurrected the notion on his current forum, Whitechapel, irma-vepand he picked a doozy to start out with.

Irma Vep is a character from a 1916 French serial “Les Vampires.” She is, essentially, a French goth ninja jewel thief in a black winged bodystocking.

There is absolutely no way to improve on this design. It is simple, elegant, functional, and stylish.

I tried just the same.