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Okay, I wasn’t going to write about this.  I am practicing this new thing where I try not to get worked up about stuff, and instead try to maintain a sort of zen equanimity about things that I can’t control, that don’t affect me, and that — in the long run — probably don’t matter very much.  But I read this article from Glen Weldon at NPR: “Dear Zack Snyder, Regarding Wonder Woman“, which is one of those dumb open-letter things where you write to someone who you know could not possibly care about what you have to say.  I read it and then I sort of succumbed to temptation, and so I guess I am going to write about this whole business.

So.  Zack Snyder is directing Batman Vs. Superman, and Wonder Woman is going to be in it, and for the part of Wonder Woman they have cast an actress named Gal Gadot, who was in the Fast and Furious movies.  Here she is:





You know, it’s more than a little bonkers that we’re going to see Rocket Raccoon and Groot the Sentient Tree in the movies before we see Wonder Woman, that we got two Tomb Raider movies and an adaptation of a board game, they’re going to do Batman vs. Superman and probably the Flash, a prequel to Alien that nobody was asking for, THREE Hobbit movies, et cetera and so forth.  Wonder Woman is a well-known property.  It is insane that Warner Brothers thinks they can’t make a Wonder Woman movie that would be good!  I mean, first of all, it CAN’T be that they think they can’t make a GOOD movie, since producing a movie against all prevailing signs against its quality has never even slowed down a major movie studio.

But still, though, it can’t be that hard, right?  To make a Wonder Woman movie that isn’t terrible?

Well, wait, let me see if I can do it.


Let’s dive into the next batch,

Green Arrow Vol. 1: The Midas Touch

This was actually what I feared most when the reboot started taking shape and it became clear that some characters’ histories were essentially being jettisoned in favor of a movie-ready high concept pitch.

Green Arrow as a character is someone who benefits from having a long, entrenched history within the DC universe – his growth from a Batman knock-off to that of a social crusader; his friendship with Green Lantern; his hot-and-cold relationship with Black Canary; his complicated mentoring of Speedy/Arsenal; his Mike Grell urban-hunter period, etc.

These milestones greatly inform and enrich his character, so if you cut them out, you damn well better have something solid to replace them with.

Unfortunately, J.T. Krul managed none of that, instead sticking the newly en-young-ened Oliver Queen (who would now be way too young to have mentored the Roy Harper currently starring in Red Hood and the Outlaws, but nevermind that for now) in a status quo that probably sounded clever at the outset: Oliver is essentially Steve Jobs, globe-trotting manhunter.  (more…)

So, Marvel announced it was making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie a little while ago, but they just had a panel at SDCC and showed everyone some art from it.  I think Guardians of the Galaxy is a weird choice, especially because the plan is for it to lead into The Avengers 2, The Legend of Loki’s Gold.  Which, on the one hand, yeah, I guess you had to get [let’s just say it] Thanos involved somehow, but on the other hand, what?  I don’t know, maybe Thor 2 will explain some of this, because seriously, what?  Also, who fucking knows.

In the meantime, can we talk about Wonder Woman?


I don’t think I have to review Batman #1: It was Good. But really, just read the Comics Alliance review, I concur with everything Sims said over there.

So I want to focus on one of the odder results of The Flash screwing up time-travel and remaking the universe (or whatever the hell reason we’re using to explain why Green Lantern hasn’t undergone any changes and yet there never was a Justice League International):

Jim Gordon is smoking again.

And not cigars, or pipes. That there is a cigarette he’s gesturing at the dark knight with. Which is, I guess, a slightly more modern tobacco intake device for a cop to smoke than the others, but nevertheless. In the Nu52, James Gordon still smokes.  (more…)

Here’s where the news of the NBC-greenlit “Wonder Woman” pilot gets interesting – and by interesting I mean fairly depressing. It’s the description of the show:

Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.

Which is to say, Wonder Woman will look a lot less like most recognizable renditions of the character, and a lot more like a David E. Kelley character. Fingers crossed that at least tonally, it’s more “The Practice” than “Allie McBeal,” but…I’ve seen late-period Kelley. He is synonymous with “oppressive quirk.” Don’t believe me? Watch a single commercial for “Harry’s Law” and tell me that’s something you think you could sit through for a whole hour. (See, they’re lawyers, but in a SHOE STORE! It’s so CA-RAAAAZAAAY)

(Editor’s note: I wrote this last week, before Bleeding Cool ran this review of a draft of the pilot. Which – if, in fact, accurate – well, then…fuck.)

(Editor’s note 2: Aaaaand now we’re getting a few more details. There is an icecream-sleepover and crying over Steve Trevor. Double-fuck.)  (more…)

Wonder Woman

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Hey, did you hear?  Wonder Woman has a new costume, and a new backstory, and everything.  Folks have written some interesting things on the subject, I’m sure Holland will weigh in at some point.  The issue is very interesting to me.


HewittNerd message-board reactions to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s comment that she’d like to play Wonder Woman:

– “She’s not athletic, curvaceous in the wrong places (i.e. her hips)”
– “She comes from a Greek background…Monica Bellucci should have been WW.”
– “Though I think she’s a gorgeous woman, but this role she’s too old and way too skinny.”
– “The look isn’t there. Wonder Woman needs to be a strong opinionated woman with unrivaled beauty and a curvaceous figure.”
-“wonder woman needs to have as much toned muscle as she does curves, j-lo-hewitt just looks like a cute big-boobed princess type. i dont see her flying around beating people up.”
WW5-“The casting people should be looking at fitness models.”

So, to clarify, Jennifer Love Hewitt cannot play Wonder Woman because she is too old (at 30), too skinny (or too busty, or too curvy, but not muscular-curvy…whatever that is),  not enough of an “unrivaled beauty” (whatever that is), doesn’t look Greek like Monica Bellucci (even though Monica Bellucci is Italian, and also has an impenetrably thick accent), isn’t a “fitness model” (whatever that is [this is a fitness model–ed]), and is “hard to see flying around beating people up” (begging the question, who IS easy to imagine flying around and beating people up? Every time I try to picture anyone, they move like Rocky the Squirrel).

As much as we can all enjoy the irony of a bunch of website commenters furthering the Comic-Book-Guy stereotype by griping about how a very attractive actress simply can’t match the perfect attractiveness of a drawing…that’s not to say they’re (exactly) wrong.