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sunshinecleaningHoward Hawks on what makes a good movie: “Three good scenes, no bad ones.” Which made me wonder what he have made of Sunshine Cleaning, a movie where you can fast-forward through long stretches of it and still not be the least bit surprised when you finally hit the play button again.

It’s got a good cast (Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn and Alan Arkin) and a solid, immediately interesting premise (a maid-service worker starts her own business cleaning up crime scenes) with tons of true-life professional anecdotes to draw from.

But instead of cracking open the Google and doing two minutes of research on this very fascinating profession and the people who might take it up, first-time screenwriter Megan Holley uses it as a backdrop for a parade of worn out movie tropes that bear no resemblance to reality.

Let’s run down a list of its clichés and why they just don’t work, in hopes that they go away for a while: