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Spoilers are in effect here, but I’ll let you know when the serious shit goes down in case you’re planning on going in totally blind.

First off, let me say that I really did like it. It’s stylish as all hell – it takes its 60’s aesthetic seriously, from the use of the Hellfire Club as the main villains, straight into the closing credits design, and man, I would like my wardrobe filled with every outfit Charles and Erik wear now, please.

And while pretty much every X-Men movie has too many cannon-fodder mutants hanging around, most of the bit players here all got a couple good moments to shine (more Banshee, please!).

But this is the Charles and Erik Show, and the film does a wonderful job of showing where these characters’ ideologies really emerged and why. And it’s been said elsewhere, but while James Macavoy is a treat as the caddish young Xavier, Michael Fassbender walks away with the whole movie in his back pocket. So on these levels, it is a complete success.

But it wouldn’t be a comic book movie if I didn’t have some concerns, so here we go.  (more…)

In the past, I have put together serious considerations of which summer movies I’m going to go and see, but this year, things have been made more difficult.

This year, I’ve not only got to figure out which movies to go to – I have to figure out which COMIC BOOK MOVIES I’m supposed to choose, within the larger selection.

Sigh. It used to be so easy.

At some point, in the distant past, movies didn’t use to cost $11, you see. Tell your grandchildren that. But it’s summer movie season in 2011, and so we’re pretty well screwed. It doesn’t matter that I’ve sworn off seeing the 3D version of things, because I know by and large that’s just a waste of $3. This time of year where you’re not just watching a movie – you’re buying snacks, too.

“But Holland, why don’t you just grab some candy from the Target next to the movie theater?” Ohhh, you think you’re SO SMART, imaginary blog critic.  (more…)