Using the power of science, Threat Quality Press is pleased to act as an actual press–producing real, live, genuine books made of paper and ink.


The Translated Man is the first book in a planned four-part series.  The second novel, Mr. Stitch, is currently available here at TQP.  The third novel, In Corsay, will be available in 2011.

The Translated Man and Other Stories by Chris Braak

An exciting new edition!

The gray, icy city of Trowth is hollowed out by war, and now haunted by the degenerate spawn of a monstrous science. Only a drug-addicted detective and a young man with a gift for mathematics have the means to solve an enigmatic murder–a murder that may be the key to saving Trowth from certain destruction.

This new version of the The Translated Man comes with three additional short stories in the same setting — essential reading for anyone that wants to know what’s going on in the planned third volume, In Corsay.  It includes “The Hangman’s Daughter”, previously published by Black Gate Fantasy Magazine; “Elijah Beckett’s Job”, previously published and available here at TQP; and “Cresy and the Sharpsie”, a never-before-seen NEW short story.

$11.99 at the TQP store! Also:  $4.99 for an electronic Kindle Form!


Mr. Stitch by Chris Braak

Now available!

It is three years after the second launch of the aethership “Excelsior”; the Ettercap War has ended and Trowth has returned to a traumatized semblance of normalcy, but is now menaced by an unseen adversary.  A terrifying, merciless hand has seized control of the heresies in Trowth, and is using them to bring down the Empire itself.

The city’s unsung hero–diseased, drug-addicted, Detective Inspector Elijah Beckett–is the only man who can save Trowth from herself, but his own mind and body have begun an inexorable spiral into decay, from which he may never be able to recover.

Now Available!  $11.99 at the TQP Store! Also, only $4.99 in electronic Kindle Form!   (Before you get a Kindle version, read this.)


Burn Down Bloody Twilight
by Jeff Holland

Now Available!
Bloody Twilight, a kingdom already on the brink of collapse finds itself under siege by its own dead soldiers brought back to raging life. The mastermind: the magician Grolev, who holds captive the last surviving member of the royal family – The Orphan.

Her only hope for rescue lay with Bloody Twilight’s castoffs: pixie leader Quinn Kind; Captain Victor Mene, lone army survivor; Welles, a magician with a vested interest in the kingdom’s dark past; and Nathan Cord, former military golden boy, The Orphan’s favorite uncle…and the king’s killer.

As the choice to save Bloody Twilight or put it out of its misery becomes more complicated, these misfits soon learn their toughest threat isn’t the hordes of murder-minded dead – it’s themselves.

Now available!  $11.99 at the TQP store.  $4.99 in the Kindle store; iPad edition on its way!


Facsimile by Erin L. Snyder

Now Available!

“At AuroroTech, we record your actions and your words, then transform that data into a lifelike simulation. After that, the possibilities are endless. Imagine meeting yourself, being able to experience what others truly see and hear when they talk to you. Imagine if your friends and family could always keep in touch, no matter how busy you are. Imagine if in a hundred years from now, a part of you remains for future generations to interact with.”

When Persephone Kilard signed up and strapped on the miniature recorder, all she wanted was a social networking service that would take the actual work of socializing off of her hands. Fringe religious groups could wax poetic about deeper meanings and universal truths; she just wanted to make her life a little easier.

After all, the simulation was only supposed to be her reflection, not her soul.

But there was one small glitch. Suddenly Persephone’s digital profile has a mind of its own. Face to face with herself, Persephone is forced to confront questions about the nature of identity that she’d rather avoid. She’d better figure it out quickly, though, because hers isn’t the only mind lurking in AuroroTech’s drives and networks.

Somewhere, hidden in the code, a simulated ghost is watching her while the border between reality and replica unravels. The virtual danger is becoming all too real, and both versions of Persephone need to uncover the truth if either is going to have a chance to survive.

$8.99 at Amazon, $2.99 in Kindle form!

Read a sample chapter!


For Love of Children

by Erin L. Snyder

For more than a thousand years, Santa Claus has watched over the world’s children. Once a bishop, he achieved immortality through magic and alchemy. He has spent centuries trying to teach generosity and compassion. Despite his considerable power, he has never tampered with history or politics: he has always trusted humanity to learn from its mistakes. But the horrors of World War II test his faith. He begins to wonder if the world needs more from his magic than toys and dreams. He sets out to find others like him, legends and myths that have withstood the ages, to ask their help building a world where the innocent will be safe. He finds allies in Peter, a strange creature who is neither rabbit nor man, and the Tooth Fairy, the last of her kind. But there are older legends in the world, and not all share Nicholas’s sympathy for humanity…

$9.00 for a hard copy at amazon.com; $3.99 for a Kindle edition!

  1. braak says:

    Suspicious of the quality of our work here at TQP? Maybe you’ll be interested in:

    THESE! Customer reviews of The Translated Man from Amazon.com!

    Or THIS! Exceptionally positive mention from John Rogers, executive producer of TV’s LEVERAGE, in which he says:

    There was a day reading this that I wanted to be able to read faster, because I wanted it in my brain faster.

    THIS! — a lengthy and ALSO POSITIVE review over at io9.com, which is probably the most important speculative fiction website that is currently available to read.

    And now, a FANTASTIC REVIEW of Erin Snyder’s For Love of Children, and a SECOND REVIEW of Snyder’S new novel Facsimile over at literary blog Book Noise.

  2. Blaze Tarnen says:

    Braak… I haven’t read the books listed here, but I did check Amazon for the two by you and the one from Hollander. I haven’t checked Erin’s yet. If indeed these books truly are good, why aren’t you getting the word out, courtesy of a larger publisher with the deep pockets for advertising, advantageous shelf placement, author signings and all the rest of it?

    It’s clear that the people behind TQP are literate, but literate doesn’t translate to literary – it can, but doesn’t necessarily. I haven’t read a sample chapter of any of the books, something I’m going to remedy forthwith, but really, if these books are genuinely good – not in the sense of “classic literature” but even in the sense of “a really good read” — then why not publish through a larger publisher?

  3. braak says:

    A good question! I can’t really speak for Erin or Jeff, but in my case, the answer is: 100 query letters down, and no agents have actually wanted to read the manuscripts.

    And since I am naturally impatient and feckless, and because I’d rather work on making new books than spend my time trying to convince important people to read the old ones, I figured I’d sell them here.

    Subsequent to that, I figured, “Well, large publishers have to start out as small publishers,” and thus: Threat Quality Press.

  4. Jeff Holland says:

    And I can’t speak for ERIN! (I’m just waiting for Erin to comment and not have anyone to not speak for), but, yes, Braak’s got the basic idea.

    From my perspective, the publishing industry’s still sorting itself out, and while that’s going on, Print On Demand has more legs than it did in the past. It’s the democratization of the form for good and ill, much like the music industry – everyone’s trying to figure out how to get their material out there. This is one way – so, being that it can’t possibly hurt us, we’re trying it.

    If you read our books, and you like them, we will happily enjoy some word-of-mouth advertising. So…tell friends. Friends with money. Who read.

    (If, on the other hand, you do NOT like them, then now, naturally, is the time for respectful silence.)

  5. Erin says:

    Sorry I’m late: I just came across this thread.

    In this case, Braak and Holland are perfectly welcome to speak for me: they summed the situation up nicely.

    The only thing I’ll add is that, in the case of Facsimile, I’m not sure waiting around was an option at all. The book deals with technology that’s currently in development and issues that are in flux. What I had to say in Facsimile was meant to be said now, and it may or may not be relevant five years from now.

  6. […] the internet.  Second Errata (the name of the collection) contains the three short stories from The Translated Man and Other Stories:  ”The Hangman’s Daughter” (first published by Black Gate Magazine), […]

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